STEP #2 Getting Paid

Steve Fisher explains the compensation plan in this 5 minute video

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Nightly Webinars

To maximize your teams’ explosion there are a couple of nightly webinars you can attend and send your prospects to:

Every Sunday & Wednesday 8:00 centralregistration/join link

Weeknights Monday-Friday 9:00 central registration/join link

What is a REC?

A short, easy to understand, description of renewable energy certificates.

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Interview with Presley Swagerty

Don’t miss powerful 10-min interview with Presley Swagerty, Stream Energy’s #1 earner, expanding on the 4-min movie.  Presley has made $18 Million (so far) from the same company you’re seeing in the 4-min Movie!
Listen now from the Web: 
(or) dial in now by Phone: 712-432-1085 code: 927882

STEP #3 Get Started!

This short video teaches you how to sign up in a few easy steps!

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